By Mike Kaplan, president and CEO, Aspen Skiing Company

The Aspen Highlights Bowl
The Aspen Highlights Bowl
The Highland Bowl

Once snow starts to fill in the high peaks around Aspen, Colorado, a grueling annual ritual begins. From the 12,000-foot summit of Aspen Highlands, ski patrollers and ultra-fit volunteers step onto one of nature’s more exhilarating Stairmasters: the Highland Bowl. On double black diamond terrain, they hike in ski boots, uphill and down, through acres of thick snow. It’s utterly exhausting. But it’s also essential, the first step in a weeks-long process of snow-compaction that supports a safe ski season by stabilizing avalanche-prone terrain.

Like most die-hard athletes, skiers view their…

Bill McKibben speaking at an Aspen U event.

It’s nice to see mainstream thinkers on business sustainability finally understanding the importance of corporate voice in the climate fight. Most recently, that came in the form of an article by Victoria Mills of the Environmental Defense Fund. She argues that businesses such as GM, which make electric cars and work on carbon reductions, aren’t all that green if they simultaneously support Trump rollbacks of auto efficiency standards, as they now do.

It’s about time the NGO and corporate world recognizes that, as we teeter on the precipice of climate disaster, typical corporate carbon footprint reduction plans are not “climate…

“We’ve got to be as clear-headed about human beings as possible, because we are still each other’s only hope.” — James Baldwin and Margaret Mead

To All:

As we stand witness to the horrific murders of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, and George Floyd, we acknowledge the deep injustices and systemic racism embedded in everyday life in America. This inequity appears everywhere: in employment and economic opportunity, in healthcare, in education and in our criminal justice system. We stand in solidarity with our fellow Black and Brown citizens, and all others, in fighting for a more just and equitable…

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Four unique mountains, two towns and one incredible community.

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