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  • Andy Luersen

    Andy Luersen

    The journey of personal growth backed by psychology and philosophy. Digital Marketing, Brand Management and more musings at: thekenjicollective.com

  • Tyler Lindsay

    Tyler Lindsay

  • The Brookings Institution

    The Brookings Institution

    Bringing you smart, independent research for 100 years.

  • Dr. Jill Biden

    Dr. Jill Biden

    Military mother and grandmother, a lifelong educator, and Second Lady of the United States, 2009–2017.

  • Joe Biden

    Joe Biden

    Senator, Vice President, 2020 candidate for President, husband to Jill, proud father and grandfather. Join our campaign: JoeBiden.com

  • Senator Michael Bennet

    Senator Michael Bennet

    U.S. Senator for Colorado

  • Tiffany Jana

    Tiffany Jana

    Non-binary Best-Selling Author, Bias Hunter, B Corp Founder, TEDx, Inc.com Top 100 Speaker, Skier, Pleasure Activist, Blue-Haired Maverick

  • Denise Taschereau

    Denise Taschereau

    CEO of Fairware. Passionate about Sustainable Biz + Supply Chain Ethics. Lover of civic politics. Bicycle addict. Cider Drinker. Work tweets @fairwarepromo

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